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Timber Pear Candle Lollipop Green product image features one pear shaped candle. Vance Kitira Collection.  Lollipop green color.  Burns clean.   Smokeless.  Environmentally-friendly.   40 hours  burn time. Measures 3"L X 4.5"H.

Timber Pear Candle Lollipop Green

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This lovely, hand-poured candle is from the Vance Kitira collection.

Vance Kitira Candles have been an industry favorite for nearly 30 years because they fill a void in the candle market for scentless,  clean-burning, environmentally-friendly, candles.   

As you celebrate your special occasions throughout the year, this pear shaped, Timber Pear Candle in lollipop green is the perfect accessory to help set the mood and make those times truly memorable.   Set one to three of these lollipop green colored candles on one of our gold rimmed glass trays or hammered metal trays to create a romantic centerpiece.

Measuring 3"L x 4.5”H, each Vance Kitira candle is hand-brushed with either a gold or pearl finish.  40 hours burn time.