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About the Designer

Christina Russell, owner of Christina's Creative Artistries.

I have always loved beautiful things and the process of designing and creating.  This has inspired my desire to share the beauty that I see with others.  Additionally, I was influenced by my study of interior decorating and enjoyment of sewing to create items for friends, family and clients to help beautify their homes.  As my enjoyment of home decorating grew, my creativity experienced its own metamorphosis.

This can be seen by the variety of items that I offer here on the site.  Specialty items are created by hand and the site includes original works.  One item was inspired by a bonding activity that I completed with my daughter.  My daughter is living with autism and art is an outlet for energy that I hope she will continue to nurture.  Ultimately, I want her to join me in this business.

As I created these table-top pieces I saw a doorway open to new artistic styles and it sparked a business venture, Christina's Creative Artistries.  I have always found myself creating things because I had a specific vision.  When I didn't see what I wanted while shopping, I decided to create it to my specifications.  As a businesswoman I always strive to bring unique and beautiful decor at affordable prices to those who want the high-end look for their homes.  As you tour the site I hope that you see pieces that will work in your own home.  From wreaths for the door to items for your table and beyond, I want to help you achieve your home-decor visions.