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1. How do I care for my coasters?

A:  Wipe with a damp cloth to clean,  do not submerge in water.  These are not  dishwasher or microwave safe.

2. How do I store wreaths and garlands?

A: Put them in a bag and hang or lay them flat in the garage or attic. Try not to lay other items on your wreaths with decorations as this may flatten or break them.  

3.  How do I refresh my wreath for the new holiday season?

A: While in storage ribbons may become flat and decorations may come loose .  Consider taking a photo to use as a visual for you to use as a future reference.  You may also consider updating your wreath with a new bow.  Always fluff up your bows, flowers and greenery and straighten any hanging ribbon tails before or after hanging your wreath.

4. What are some changes that I make seasonally for my decor?

A: Freshen the look of your items (fluff ribbons, replace if needed, bring a new scent into your home.   Color can easily be added to a room with flowers, rugs, pillows, throws or artwork.