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Himalayan Camellia Porcelain Diffuser Refill product image features a clear plastic bottle , three quarters filled with oil fragrance.  Foil seal.  Soft citrus flora scent.  Pour directly into diffuser.   Burning not recommended.

Himalayan Camellia Porcelain Diffuser Refill

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Himalayan Camellia porcelain diffuser refill is an oil fragrance in the Zodax brand of home fragrances. 

Derived from some of the highest quality organic products, this refill fragrance comes in a 100 ml plastic bottle, that is a little over three quarters full with a foil seal..  The fragrance top notes are mandarin blossom and smooth grenadine. The middle notes are sensual jasmine and honeysuckle petals.  The base notes are soft sandalwood and warm amber. 

To switch out an old fragrance with this Himalayan Camellia fragrance, first rinse the porcelain reed/flower and vase out with alcohol, let dry then, pour as much of the oil fragrance into the diffuser container and reinsert the porcelain reed. Allow 24 to 36 hours for the aroma to take full effect.

This fragrance has a clean, soft, citrus floral aroma.

Burning not recommended.