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Youth Collection Secret Wonderland-Midnight Crystal features one unglazed porcelain flower ornament diffuser with attached tassel and rope hanger.  One 5ml bottle of Midnight Crystal alcohol-free fragrance. Fragrance has light, pleasant aroma. Porcelain flower, rope and tassel are lilac in color. Elegant packaging in white with soft pink bow. Decorative. Youthful.  Conversation piece.  Makes a great gift for friends, family and co-workers.

Youth Collection Secret Wonderland -Midnight Crystal

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This is a gorgeous youthful diffuser.  Crafted with unique skin-like characteristics, the unglazed porcelain flower ornament absorbs and allows the fragrance to permeate the room in which it's placed. 

The Midnight Crystal fragrance smells like Lily of the valley with hints of freesia.  The aroma is soft, pleasant and relaxing.

To use, lay the ornament flat, drop 10 to 20 drops of the fragrance on the porcelain flower.  Allow 15 to 20 minutes for the flower to absorb all the fragrance then, hang. This beautiful diffuser can be hung in your car, closet, bathroom, bedroom or any place you please.  The classic beauty of the porcelain flower and tassel makes this an elegant gift for any occasion.  Great gift for Mother's Day, sister's birthday, female friend, teenager, graduation or a female work colleague.