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Golfer Business Card Holder product image features a golfer wearing a cap, holding a putter, standing next to a business card holder.  Color is bronze.  Material is recycled metal.  Handcrafted. Unique. Decorative. Fun gift for golf enthusiast.  Great desk top accessory.  Unique Father's Day Gift. Color is bronze. Holds up to 100 business cards.  Comes gift wrapped for Father's Day.

Golfer Business Card Holder

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Handcrafted of recycled metal, this business card holder serves both as a functional and fun decorative accessory on the desk of any golf enthusiast.  Color is bronze. Unique. Rustic. Light weight. Display in your home office or at work.

Holds up to 100 standard size business cards.  Comes gift wrapped for Father's Day.

Makes an impressive corporate gift.