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Frosted Snowball Snake Lights product image features frosted Christmas Lights.  96 warm white led lights.  Made of PVC and copper.  Clear wire.  Indoor/sheltered outdoor use.  Steady on.  8 hour timer repeats every 16 hours.  Lights approximately 60,000 hours. UI certified.  Includes 1 DC adapter.  Measures 8' long.
Frosted Snowball Snake Lights product image shows a close-up of the frosted lights in the box.

Frosted Snowball Snake Lights

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Christmas lights.  Everyday lights.  This is a fun and versatile string of lights.

This string of Frosted Snowball Snake Lights has 96 warm white led lights strung on clear wire with a DC adapter.   It also has a steady on function with an 8 hour timer that repeats every 16 hours.

Made of PVC and copper, use one or several Frosted Snowball Snake Lights in your Christmas garlands or in any of your decorations placed close to an electrical outlet.  The best feature of these Christmas lights is that they will continue to work if any of the lights burnout.

8' long and UI certified, these warm white lights have approximately 60,000 hour burn life.

Use indoors or outdoors in a sheltered area.

Read the enclosed instruction sheet for care and how to set the timer.