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Christmas In The Country Posable Elves product image features two posable elves.  Wearing hooded jacket and carrying a lantern.  Wearing a vest and carrying a bag full of presents.  Colors are black and white plaid and tan.  Measures 16-inches tall.  Not intended as a toy for children.  Decorative use only.
Christmas In The Country Posable Elves

Christmas In The Country Posable Elves

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With a lantern in tow and a bag full of presents,  these fellas are looking for a place to call home for the holidays.  So if you have the space and their colors do work, then, won't you please, consider a place in your home for them.

Dressed in warm clothes, and ready to work, they'll make your life much brighter just you wait and see.  Bend them and pose them any which way you wish.  Your guests will giggle and smile and wish they had them too.  So go ahead and buy a set or two, The more, the merrier your Christmas decor will be.

Measuring 16-inches tall, they'll look good on a shelf, or hanging from your tree, but think out side the box and sit them where you wish. 

Sold as a set of 2

Not intended as a toy for children.