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Barbecue Chef Wine Caddy product image features a man wearing a chef's hat, grilling on a charcoal grill.  Chef's head is attached to a chain that extends to sit on top of the bottle.  Made of recycled metal.  Makes a great gift for a dad who enjoys grilling. Holds a standard, 750ml bottle.  Bottle not included.  Comes with free gift wrap for Father's Day.

Barbecue Chef Wine Bottle Buddy

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What a fun gift for a hostess at a barbecue.   The barbecue chef, dressed to the nine with a cute chef's hat is grilling burgers. This decorative wine bottle holder is made to hold a standard size, 750 ml wine bottle. 

Made with recycled metal, this is a great gift for a Dad who enjoys barbecuing for Father's day. Bottle not included.  Comes gift wrapped for Father's Day.