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Christmas Cluster Lights product image features 600 warm white LED lights on green wire.  8 function remote control and DC adapter included.  Built-in 8 hour timer repeats every 16 hours.  Light life approximately 60,000 hours.  Indoor/outdoor use.  Use on trees, garlands, banisters, wreaths and more.

Christmas Cluster Lights

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I never thought that I would be so excited to check out some Christmas lights till I saw these cluster lights. 

If you are tired of replacing your Christmas lights every year and always have a problem keeping them from tangling up, these are the perfect lights for you. You will be so relieved that you no longer have to fuss with getting them untangled and you will especially enjoy the fact that these lights will also give you about 60,000 hours of burn time and will always stay cool to the touch.

With 600 warm white LED lights densely packed along both sides of a 19.5 ft green wire, go ahead and create an impressive effect on your Christmas tree, banister, garlands and wreaths.  Lay them in your pre-lit tree to camouflage burnt out lights. These cutting-edge Christmas lights also come with an 8 functions remote control with a built-in 8 hour timer.  

These high tech Christmas cluster lights are energy efficient and can be used indoor and out.

DC adaptor included.