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Zodax Dream Porcelain Flower Diffuser product image features an oval,  gold ceramic  bowl, a 100ml clear bottle filled with Fleur D'Oranger oil fragrance, one gorgeous porcelain flower diffuser.  Fragrance has a soft, citrusy aroma.  Overall measurement of diffuser is  3" H x 5.5" W x 7" L.  Makes an impressive gift.  Refills available in store.

Zodax Dream Porcelain Flower Diffuser

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Zodax Dream porcelain flower diffuser is one of the most beautiful diffusers on the market.

The refined luxury and beauty of this diffuser will have you proudly displaying it in your home.  The package comes with an elegant gold ceramic bowl, a 100ml bottle of Fleur D' Oranger oil fragrance and a gorgeous porcelain flower.   The porcelain flower is the diffuser that draws the fragrance up from the bowl and diffuses the soft, citrusy scent.

The fragrance oil is derived from some of the highest quality organic elements.  The fragrance top notes are summer lemon and orange flower.  The middle notes are neroli and petitgrain and the bottom notes are hellotrope and musk.  Allow 24 to 36 hours for the fragrance to take full effect.

To use your diffuser, simply open the fragrance bottle, pour the fragrance into the gold vase, drop a few drops of the fragrance onto the flower, insert the flower into the vase and enjoy.

Measuring 3" H x 5.5" W X 7" L, this porcelain flower diffuser makes an impressive housewarming gift, birthday gift, just because gift for mom or as a unique gift for a colleague.