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Zodax Dream Diffuser Fleur D' Oranger Fragrance Refill product image features a clear plastic bottle filled with about three quarters  of Fleur D'Oranger oil fragrance.   Burning not recommended.

Zodax Dream Diffuser Fleur D'Oranger Fragrance Refill

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Zodax Dream Fleur D'Oranger oil fragrance is the refill for the Dream Porcelain Diffuser.

The refill fragrance comes in a 100 ml plastic bottle with a foil seal.  The bottle comes pre-filled with about three quarters of the fragrance.  To fill or refill your diffuser, remove the foil seal by peeling or punching a hole in it.  Then, lift the porcelain flower and pour as much of the fragrance in to the gold, ceramic bowl .  

This fragrance is soft and citrusy.

Burning not recommended.