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Chando Ornament Collection--Warm Tulips features 1 elegant porcelain flower ornament with attached hanger and tassel. 1 5ml alcohol-free, warm tulip oil fragrance. Porcelain flower diffuser, tassel and hanger are yellow.  Beautiful packaging is white box, pink label, pink bow .  This diffuser never gets thrown away. Chando Refills available for sale.  Rinse flower ornament with alcohol to try a new fragrance.  Elegant. Decorative. Youthful.

Chando Ornament Collection—Warm Tulips

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Fun and youthful, this Chando porcelain flower ornament makes the perfect diffuser to hang in any room.   Handcrafted with unique skin-like characteristics. The unglazed porcelain flower ornament absorbs and allows the fragrance to permeate the room in which it is placed.

The warm tulips fragrance for this diffuser smells like a bouquet of blooming tulips with a hint of fresh freesia. This fragrance is alcohol free and made of the finest aroma oils.

To use, lay the flower ornament on a flat surface, drop 10to 20 drops of the fragrance onto the porcelain flower.  Allow 15 to 20 minutes for the flower to absorb all the fragrance then, hang.  This gorgeous diffuser can be hung any place you wish including your car, closet, bathroom and bedroom.  

The detailed craftsmanship and elegance of this diffuser makes it a fabulous gift for any occasion.